In the fall of 2007, Reid Brechner, a freshman at Messalonskee High School, went to Miss Luce, a math and computer science teacher who worked at Messalonskee High School, and asked if she wanted to help him start a robotics team. Of course, she said "YES!". Little did she know what this one word would mean.

In the rookie season, the team had no idea what they were doing. They started with less than 10 students and two mentors, all of whom had a lot of enthusiasm, but not much direction. At their very first game reveal in Manchester, there were some notions about being overwhelmed, but mostly the team was just excited to finally get started. Two things became very apparent in the first few design meetings: One, they needed some engineers and two, six weeks was not going to be enough time.


However, the team had a very positive experience at its first Regional Competition for FIRST Overdrive in Manchester, NH, competing in the quarterfinals and winning the Rookie Inspiration Award!

Team receiving the Rookie Inspiration Award

Fierce Competition At Battlecry 10

Starting the second year meant new challenges with fundraising, community service projects, and recruiting more members. The team decided to attend a different Regional Competition to play Lunacy, and chose Boston to spread their wings.


The team left Boston wanting more...another regional? Not this year, but the solution was off-season events! BattleCry at WPI, Mayhem in Merrimack, and Bear Brawl (@Wenec) all provided the team with an opportunity to make new alliances and introduce more team members to the competition arena.

2010, our third year was outstanding. Community support and aggressive fundraising allowed us to attend seven events including our first trip to the World Championship held in Atlanta Georgia. World Championship

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This season, the team has almost 40 members who are ready to become the innoventors of tomorrow!