Infinite Loop Robotics Team

Our team has grown to almost 40 participants. This fall we have focused on fundraising, doing community service projects, updating the website, building a cart for battery transportation, developing a safety animation video, and increasing team support.

Community Service

For the past few years, our team has been committed to completing more than 100 hours of community service throughout the year. Last year, we more than doubled that goal, and we are on our way to another strong performance this year. Our focus for community service has been in two areas: supporting our local foodbank and mentoring a FIRST Lego League (FLL) team at our middle school.

During the holiday season, our team works with our local foodbank to collect food from one of the elementary schools and deliver it to the foodbank. This requires our team to gather and sort the food at the school, drive it to the foodbank, and unload and organize the food at its destination.

Our team also mentors an FLL team at our local middle school. Our elementary school has had an FLL team for several years and our FRC team is establishing itself in our community. However, our team has realized that there is a lack of opportunity for participation in FIRST at our middle school. We decided to change that by mentoring an FLL team. We meet with the middle school group once per week after school for two hours. During this time, we provide them with a challenge to complete.

Leaf Raking

Robot Lift System


During the off-season, our team has been working in different groups. Each of these groups set a goal in the beginning of our school year to complete before the beginning of the build season in January. These groups include creating a website, building a cart for robot transportation, developing a safety animation video, and team support. Each group works during our weekly meetings toward their goals.

During the build season, our team re-organizes into different groups to work on the robot. There is a safety/rule team, a design/build team, a programming team, and a spirit team. These teams are responsible for their aspect of the process from beginning to end.