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June 6, 2011

Beantown Blitz


I wanted to recap our weekend at Beantown Blitz for you all, incase you hadn't heard!
We submitted two robots for the competition this weekend, our competition robot and the twin that we built to practice with. Here are the results from the competition!
There were 35 teams competing from across New England and upstate New York. There were 3 teams from Maine who were represented!
The twin robot finished in 12th place and was selected by 2713 (iRaiders from Melrose, MA). These two teams then chose 1058 (the PVC Pirates from Londonderry, NH) to complete the 7th place alliance.
The competition robot finished in 4th place and was selected by team 88 (TJ Squared from Bridgewater-Raynham, MA). These two teams then chose 2079 (ALARM from Millis, MA) to complete the 2nd place alliance.
The two alliances played each other in the first round of the elimination matches and the twin alliance lost. So the competition robot moved to the semifinals. The alliance won that round as well, which put them in the finals.
We then faced the 1st place alliance which consisted of team 177 (Bobcat Robotics from South Windsor, CT), team 78 (AIR Strike from Newport, RI), and team 1027 (Mechatronic Maniacs from West Springfield, MA). We won the first match, then lost the next 2 matches. So we finished in 2nd place again, which is amazing!
The group had a great time, and we even invited a pre-rookie team down from Jay High School so they could see what the competition was all about. They had a great time learning around FIRST with us and we are excited to have them as a potential team for next year.
Great job everyone to another awesome showing from our team! It was a GREAT season! Special thanks to all of our seniors who made this year and the last four years so amazing! We will miss you all!


Posted By: Miss Luce
June 4, 2011

Beantown Blitz!

Well, it was an exciting competition as both of our robots held out strong all day! We had some issues with autonomous during a couple matches but in the end it was a success.

Our mini bots, sporting our team colors made it up the pole almost every time! We ended up having our competition bot enter final rounds in the fourth seed, and were picked by the number two seed, Team 88(TJ Squared). Our twin robot was picked by the seventh seed, and our first elimination matches were played against ourselves!

Our competition bot ended up in the second place alliance, and we received a finalist award. All in all, it was a great competition. The team had a lot of fun, cheering and dancing along side between matches, and into the nerve-wracking final rounds. 

Posted By: Amber
May 22, 2011

BattleCry 12


I just wanted to let everyone know about BattleCry 12 this weekend, in case you didn't get a chance to watch the webcast or hadn't heard yet!
FRC Team 2648 had another strong showing! We won all of our qualifying matches except one, which put us in 3rd place going into the Alliance selections.
We selected Team 125 (the NuTrons, who we played with in Boston) as a first pick. Our second pick was randomly assigned to us (that's how it works at BattleCry) and we got Team 2079 (Alarm, they are from Millis, MA).
We successfully made our way through the quarterfinal matches, although we faced a very tough alliance that included 190 and 228 who had two ramp minibots!
We made it to the finals where we faced 1519 (Milford, NH), 1073 (Hollis, NH), and 238 (Manchester, NH).
It is safe to say that we were over matched. 1519 could consistently hang two ubertubes in autonomous and 1073 could hang the third one. Although our own autonomous FINALLY worked perfectly, 125's did not. That means we started every match with 12 less points, but when the multiplying started happening with those ubertubes, we just couldn't keep up. They also had very fast minibots, too.
Anyway, we came in 2nd again, which is so great! Our team looked awesome, we represented ourselves, our school, and our community very well once again.
We also won the Best BattleCry for our Pa-Pow cheer at the beginning of the matches!
Once the event was completed, we helped the BattleCry staff dissassemble the competition field. We left the arena, and traveled to a Pizza palace to celebrate Sabine's birthday.
Finally, we recruited A LOT of teams for our off-season event in September! We have some teams definitely coming, so we are very thankful for their support and excited about the idea that it might actually happen!

Posted By: Miss Luce
May 5, 2011

Off-Season Event Planning!

As we round out the regular season, the team did some thinking as to how to really get things going for other teams in Maine. What better way to do this, than plan and put on an offseason event! At our past few team meetings we began brainstorming-names, logos, locations, sponsors, food, everything! We've finally come up with out event name, "Mainely SPIRIT" To be held on September 24th, at our local Junior High School. We hope many teams will come to help us have an amazing event, full of spirit, fun and gracious professionalism! Don't forget to stop by our offseason tab, at the top of our website where we have hotel recommendations, cost details and you can even vote for what logo you think should represent this event! Infinite loop is starting to feel the excitement, are you? 

Posted By: Amber
April 19, 2011

Boston: Day 3

Excitement to Disappointment

Our team ended the qualifying rounds ranked 4th and were picked by the 2nd ranked team #125.  The Alliance of 125, 2648 and 222 made it to the finals.

Our alliance lost the first round and won the second round taking first and second place with the minibots.  The third round was hard fought and the 2648 alliance outscored their opponents.  Unfortunately a penalty was incurred which resulted in the alliance being disqualified so we lost the last round.   


Our team won the Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler and the Coopertition Award. WOOT!

Posted By: Mr. B
April 7, 2011

Boston: Day Two

Yikes, our robot gained weight in the crate! It was 0.7 pounds overweight, so we had to slim it down. We took off a light sensor, a circuit breaker, and some lexan. Here is a picture of what 0.7 pounds looks like:

.7 pounds


On the practice field, we had the autonomous code working well. We even perfected the code to follow the Y-line, which was exciting, but on the real field, the autonomous was not that reliable.

The good news is that our minibot looked really good today! It went up the pole really fast and the deployment system worked well. It was very exciting!


Boston is a big arena compared to WPI, so it was much harder to hear anything from the stands, which was a bummer. It was fun seeing all the robots in the pits, there were so many unique ideas. Overall, we had a fun day!

Driving Team

Posted By: Miss Luce
April 6, 2011

Boston: Day One

We left school this afternoon at 4:30 and arrived at the hotel around 9pm. It was a seamless check-in, so thanks to everyone at the hotel for a GREAT job! Also, thanks Abbie for making the yummy cookies! They were delicious!

Yummy Infinite Loop Cookies!

Posted By: Miss Luce
March 10, 2011

WPI Day One

Our first day at WPI was definitely a success!

We were one of the first teams that passed inspection, so we got A LOT of practice on the field. Our drivers were doing a GREAT job!

We have one of the top manipulators at the competition, for sure, and scored MANY logos today!

Unfortunately, our Autonomous code wasn't working the way we had practiced at home, but we made some changes to the code, and we were hanging our ubertube on the practice field.

Pit Day One WPI

Our minibot was a heart breaker today! It kept closing prematurely, but some gaffer's tape made some magic happen, and the minibot finally went up the pole in the final match!

We are very excited for the seeding rounds tomorrow, and we are practicing for our Chairman's Award Presentation tomorrow!

Posted By: Miss Luce
March 5, 2011

Scrapbooking and Community Fun!

Today the team got together at one of our favorite places, the Nielsen's house! We worked on the team scrapbook and the chairman's award presentation. Mrs. Nielsen made us pizza and chicken tortilla soup! Yum!

After a few hours of work, the team met at the Belgrade Center for All Seasons to help set up for an Italian Benefit Dinner in support of the organization Friends of the Belgrade Public Library. We set up the tables, the raffle items, and helped prepare food!

While some members stayed to help clean up, the others went back to the Nielsen's and finalized the Chairman's presentation. 

Posted By: Kristen and Carolyn
February 23, 2011

Have you Seen our minibot?

Posted By: Blake
February 22, 2011

Build Day 46

Today The robot shipped at 3:12pm. We decided to keep the Minibot deployment system as it still needs some work. Our competition ready robot "Motion" is in its crate, separated from its twin "Logo" by many hundreds of miles. Motion Just before hibernation in the crate of solitude

Posted By: Blake
February 21, 2011

Build Day 45

Today was the last day before shipping the robot! It was also Ian's birthday! The team worked hard to get everything ready. The minibot group changed the position of the wheels so that it fit within the 12in x 12in x 12in size requirment.Panels were cut for the sides of the competition robot. The team got in lots of driving practice and worked on racking tubes faster. More Driving Practice
The Poly Cord Robot Claw The pulleys on the claw were cut deeper and the belting was made tighter to prevent the belting from popping off.
At the end of the night a sprocket's bolts came loose and ate into the frame of the competition robot. This problem was fixed and the robot was ready to be shipped! It is almost time for competition and we are all very excited! Mangled screws

Posted By: Kristen
February 19, 2011

Build Day 43

Today we practiced with our extra robot and mounted the deployment mechnism for the minibot.  Working on the minibot deployment system
Doing a rebuild of the minibot The Minibot crew began a major rebuild to strengthen the motor mounts and improve the starting mechanism.
Just finishing touches left and the robot is looking AWESOME!!! Drawer slides

Posted By: Carolyn
February 18, 2011

Build Day 42

Today the team worked on the arm of the competition robot. The minibot group made small adjustments on the alignment of the wheels. They worked hard so that it would grip the pole better and go up the pole faster. Adjusting the Minibot's wheels
Operating the LogoMotion Robot Throughout the night team members got lots of practice driving the twin robot.

Posted By: Kristen
February 14, 2011

Build Day 37

Today we arrived to find that there was no power at Wrabacon or anywhere in Oakland. The team worked using flashlights, and some people wanted to have a dance party. Using flashlights wasn't going too well, so as people began to leave the power came back on!! Everyone was excited and the team began working hard. We worked on the arm and the minibot and made progress! :)

Posted By: Emily
February 12, 2011

Have you seen the robot rack a tube?

Posted By: Blake
February 12, 2011

Build Day 36


Today started with more disassembly. We took apart our old bump, in order to use the plywood to make bumpers of the logomotion twins.

The old must fall for the new to rise!!

Working on the Minibot

Downstairs some worked with Mr Klein and made a working minibot.
While upstairs we got the control system components mounted on the twins, and wired most of one and finished the other. Some worked on removing the bumper mounts from breakaway. Mounting Victors and Jaguars on the robot.
De-burring our 80/20 arm Abner, Nickolas and Ian machined 80/20's into the arm! And the preceded to debur them :).
Later in the night we got the robot running!!!!!!!! It worked well until the Fisher Price gearbox broke off. So we worked on reinforcing it, to do so we needed to add a shaft through the center, and to do that we needed a large hole. Rather unconventional means :)

Posted By: Blake
February 7, 2011

Build Day 38

Today the team had the pleasure of the news channel WABI come to Wrabacon, where we build the robot. We worked on the arm and attached the Fisher Price gear box to the mast, as WABI taped us. WABI interviewed Miss. Luce, Blake, and Zach. The segment was aired the next night. There was a short clip at 5, then a longer one at 6. If you would like to see the showing at 6, here is the link:

Posted By: Amanda
February 5 , 2011

Build Day 29


Today was a great day! :)

We started off the day narrowing the upright mast to try to prevent the shafts from bending.  We also made a mounting bracket for the Potentiometer we’re connecting to the upper shaft. 

Working hard on the robot mast.
Robert cleaning up the mess.

Robert worked on cleaning up the lubricant that had begun seeping out of the rubbish bins.

Lunch was frozen lasagna leftover from the Italian dinner January 8. Yum!  

Mr. Caron brought us the claw he was able to get welded.  Everyone was so excited to finally see it!  We made orange rubber/plastic bands to put on the claw.  Ian continued to work on the mini-bot with a couple others. Later in the day, Mr. Fontaine came in and worked with us to better understand Potentiometers (adjustable resistors).

tricky jig In Progress!

Posted By: Sabine
February 4, 2011

Build Day 28


Today was a productive day. We built the mast for the arm and continued making necklaces! 80/20 is our symbol, and here's a bunch.
Its comming along nicely. We made shafts for the mast and we mounted sprockets onto them. We also cut chain for required connections (from the middle shaft to the lower shaft with the motors, and from the middle shaft to the top shaft).  Unfortunately, when we tested the arm, the chain skipped because the shaft flexed to much from the weight of the arm and claw. :(

Posted By: Sabine
January 29, 2011

Build Day 22


We made a lot of progress today with the robot! Sabean and I put on the wheels and chains on the second LogoMotion robot and we came up with new nicknames for some of the team members. :) Mr. B and I put the arm together which was a lot of fun! 
Tying Necklaces
Fine tuning the Minibot Ian made a lot of progress with the mini bot, and was also completely successful in burning out a motor. Others were busy all day cutting and stringing necklaces, which is an incredibly tedious task. Everyone did a great job today! Thanks to Ms Caron for bringing pizza, it was great!

Posted By: Emily
January 26, 2011

Build Day 17

Today was yet another day of progress! Necklaces were made, the minibot was being worked on, code was tweaked and the new driver's station frame was perfected! As always, everyone made themselves busy doing something, and we all are continuing to work together to get everything done! Working on the Robot Code

Posted By: Randi
January 22, 2011

Build Day 15

Zac drilling on the Bridgeport Today we made a lot of progress on the robot code. We have begun programming camera tracking to no avail. The line following code is nearly perfect, however if the robot comes in contact with the line at an angle that is to great, the correction isn't fast enough, and the robot passes the line. We began the construction of the mast and arm for the LogoMotion Robot!

Posted By: Derek
January 20, 2011

Build Day 13

The minibot design group met and tried to figure out how to coax the Tetrix parts up the pole. Finding a way to get the minibot up the pole is going to be quite a challenge. Minibot Design Discussion.

Posted By: Mr B
January 17, 2011

Build Day 10

Arm Design Today the design team and the programming group met. Brady and Emily came up with the basic robot design. While the programming group perfected the line tracking program. Randi and Zach started design on a new driver station base.

Posted By: Mr B
January 15, 2011

Build Day 8

The robot wheels moved for the first time today! We experimented with the light sensors, and made brackets for the bumpers. It Works!
Sanding 80/20 necklaces. People were working on making necklaces. We also built an alliance tower and the frame of the rack. We've started practicing writing code and driving the robot! And the sandwiches at lunch time were yummy! Thanks, Mrs. Nielsen!

Posted By: Morgan
January 14, 2011

Build Day 7

On January 14th we put the wheels on the frame after coming across many problems. The frame missing some wheels.
Doing Some Work

Finally Abner had the idea to add a nut to the wheel axle as a spacer to make the wheel fit tight. We mounted the control system onto the frame. While others made necklaces. We also organized the bolts and cleaned up our workspace.

Posted By: Jamie
January 13, 2011

Build Day 6

Today was day 6 of build season!!! Today we split into groups and designed different parts of the robot.

Removing the wheels from some leftover carts.
Gathered Around the Tower. One group designed the arm that would pick up the game pieces, another group figured out the mini bot, another group worked on the wheels of the robot, and the last group worked on figuring out how to get the mini bot from the robot to the pole. I think that today was very productive and our plans will help later on when we need to fix something or change something.

Posted By: Robert
January 8, 2011

Live Entertainment & Italian Dinner Benefit Night


Our first fundraiser of the new year also ushered in the new challenge! We had over 250 people join us for a night of great food and entertainment! Picture of crowd at the Dinner
FIRST LogoMotion Ms Luce gave a presentation on FIRST Robotics, after which we revealed the 2011 challenge, LogoMotion!

We thank all the guests that came and made our fundraiser a successful one!


Thank you Guests and Sponsors
Setup Crew We also need to thank Mrs Bourque and all those who spent their Saturday setting up.

When the Band Absolute Zero began playing the party really heated up!

Absolute Zero Band

Posted By: Blake
October 29, 2010

River Rage


River Rage is an off season competition that the team was very excited to attend. When the team finally pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, everyone was pumped to start the annual pillow fight. As soon as we got the keys to our room, everyone raced for a pillow. The pillow fighting broke loose until the wee hours of the morning. When we all were drenched in sweat, greatly weakened, and extremely exhausted, it was finally time for bed. Just a couple hours later, we were up and at it, getting dressed in our costumes. The costumes were for the costume competition that was being held during the day. We all were mouses, and the robot was the big cheese. River Rage
Mouse Costume As we raced to the competition, all decked out in mouse costumes, adrenaline pumped through our bodies. Once the competition started, so didn't our cheering. Through out the competition we won many matches and ended up getting 4th place and winning the costume contest. We were the cutest Mouseketeers ever!
Mouse Costume Mouse Ears

Posted By: Amanda
October 8, 2010

Splatter Pants


Painting Clothes About a month ago, at a team meeting, a bunch of us were wondering, 'what else can we do to stand out as a team?' We had thought about camo pants at first, but then, one day, the brilliant idea was suggested of 'splatter pants.'
 Pants, that we would splatter paint with our team colors. The team loved the idea of this, so we decided to go with it, and set a date.Today after school, a bunch of us from the team got together and splatter painted pants! It was a lot of fun, and the pants came out awesome! Although, Miss. Luce's room smelled like paint for a month, but it was obviously worth it! More Splatter

Posted By: Amber
October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Service

Working for the Union Church This morning a load of pumpkins arrived at the Union Church in Belgrade for the Pumpkin Patch. Those of us who could attend worked together with members of the church, local Boyscouts, the MHS Key Club, and the community to unload the pumpkins and set up. Since we had so much help, it was done fast and after we all ate a pot luck lunch together at the church.
In the afternoon a driving practice was held at the North Belgrade Community Center to get ready for River Rage. We got to hang a few times and two people drove. Then the robot stopped working properly.  Robert Operating Breakaway Bot
Something is wrong :( The robot suffered a blown jaguar and a bent pin in the crio. The rest of our time was used working on the robot and just having some fun. :)
Another driving practice will be held October 23rd for those who didn't get to drive today. What a hang 7pts

Posted By: Kristen
September 26, 2010

Eagle Scout Project

Beginning in the summer of 2010 the team helped one of its members with his Eagle Project. This is the project which will help him attain the highest level in Boy Scouts that there is. This project consisted of cleaning up an old and decrepit trail behind one of the elementary schools in the area. The project started with just cleaning, and then evolved into making a one hundred and sixty foot boardwalk over the muddiest and most wet part of the trail. This took many man hours, but with the help of the team it was completed before the first snowfall!

Posted By: Nickolas
September 17, 2010

Demo at Maine State Credit Union

Posted By: Blake
September 10, 2010

Beta Day

Beta Day was my first First competition. It was a lot of fun! 


I am really glad I joined Team 2648! We had fun the night before when we had a pillow fight in the hotel room. Then the next day we drove to the competition, I had a great time and I even got to drive the robot!!!

Posted By: Brady and Robert